. . . so named because we owe the idea to Harry for this page of little vignettes, intrafraternity chat and memories . . . as best we think we "remember" anything from that long ago!

As more "entries" come in, the list will be randomly (more or less) shuffled so that all of Harry's memories aren't at the front. I'll be watching for new "memories" to come in via email, snail-mail or even by telephone. Doug sent out all of the contact information so that can happen. Let's let it happen, okay? Oh yes, some of our "memories" will probably contradict those of others, but that is only part of the fun, I think. Nothing ugly, obscene or truly embarrassing to anyone other than the writer though, please!

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Come on, brothers -- let's get some more memories (other than "Red Rydie" verses) into this, "Harry's Place" -- and then keep it updated as we get random nostalgic, humorous, and simply pleasant--or not so pleasant--memories of . . . the way we were . . .

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