Welcome to Oldmanjoe's Practice Scripts
Adapted (uhhh . . . partially plagiarized) from Many Sources
Showing Simple Concepts and Basic Relationship
Between JavaScript and HTML

This page shows
the simple use of a couple of object properties
to identify your browser, plus (below that)
a simple button and text box (with no functionality whatsoever).
I believe that they are enough
to get you--and me--started with JavaScript,
and help to demonstrate its close relationship to HTML.

The way to learn from these pages, I believe, is to examine
each page's source code until you fully understand it,
then go on to the next page. Print the source code, if you
feel that is necessary. Play around with the buttons and text
boxes, etc. on each page before looking at the source code,
of course. Note that the first text box (on this page)
has no functionality whatsoever. You learn why on the very
next page. For those of you who are HTML and JavaScript gurus,
have patience. I'll get there!

The point is simply that I think it is easier to learn from real
"live" examples than long and (often) dull textbooks.
Tell me what you think . . . as you get the chance.

With honest sincerity . . .
Old Man Joe

If you have comments on these pages, send an e-mail.

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The "appVersion" and "appName" properties of the "navigator" object are plagiarized from the Net.

Thanks, Net!!


Want to Meet My Kids and See Some Slightly More Complicated JavaScript--Neatly Intertwined with HTML--in Action?

Or would you rather start learning some simple JavaScript and HTML?

Some of you might want to use your browser
to look at the the source code used
to produce these pages. That's how I learn!