Scroller Lesson


this is a page showing the scroller: a little JavaScript that scrolls some text in the status window at the bottom of your browser window.

Use the 'View/Document Source' feature of your browser to see the source code.

You may have to wait a moment or two.

If you want a very simple lesson relating to how to "frame" your pages, click here.
If you would like to see a slightly more sophisticated password application using the "password" object, click here.

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The buttons below are only for your use if you wish to see the source code "behind" the two halves of the "framed" page you viewed when you pressed the above button.

If you want to see the top of the "framed" page so as to view its source code--and the recursive function, click here.
If you want to see the bottom of the "framed" page so as to view its source code, click here.