Color Tester for Oldmanjoe's "Lessons"

The text box and button below allow you to try either names of colors
(e.g., "BLUE" or "DARKORANGE"--without the quotes) or hexadecimal codes of your choosing.
Be imaginative; but some like "#00FFFF" will give you a true "CYAN"
as would "#FF00FF" give you a reasonable shot at "Magenta."
I created "#80560c" and I'll let you guess what I called it.
Remember, leave off the quotes! By the way, for the non-geeks among you, a hexadecimal number can be formed by keying in any six of the following digits in any order: the digits 0-9 and the alphabetic characters A-F (upper or lower case, it doesn't matter).
Depending upon your browser, you can even leave off the hash character ("#") preceding your hexadecimal number.
Make up a color of your own. Try your name--although it might not give you anything too pretty since your name is probably not a legal hexadecimal number--that is, it contains letters of the alphabet beyond "F".
. . . Oldmanjoe . . .

To go back to the dorky "random-color page" or the Table of Contents (or however you got here),
use the "back button on your browser.
On the other hand, you may wish to return to my homepage

Oh by the way, for those of you with sensitive eyes, if you try the color "yuck" be sure to squint!