My first Thanksgiving back in America after about fifteen years
(November 1998)

The photos (after the first two or so below) were taken at

Jeannie's place in Bellevue, Washington

Timmy on the phone at my place
Gary & Blanca Wasson come to visit in early November 1998
Jeannie's condo in Bellevue is the left side of the duplex.
Another picture of Jeannie's Condo in Bellevue -- taken from a bit further back!

. . . . More photos below . . .

And may the joy expressed below be with you all during the coming year!

Jeannie jumping with excitement in front of her pad on Thanksgiving Day!

Bart & Madeline Reindeer--trying to smile, I think!
That's better - Bart & Madeline Reindeer
Tim Beauchamp & Madeline waving or . . . is Tim showing Maddie how to fly?
Mary & Tim Beauchamp
Madeline, Bart & Mary
Madeline, Bart and Mary -- really smiling this time!
Madeline playing with a favorite toy
Uncle Chuckles (David) gives & gets a hug from Maddie
Ooh! I like your mustache, Uncle Chuckles!
Bart just looking contented
Jeannie playing with Madeline
Roswell alien on Tim Beauchamp's autopsy table behind his electric piano upstairs
Bart looks on while Maddie gets a swing
A shot of David alone
Jeannie hoarding Maddie's toys
Queene Madeline the First!
Dave hiding Maddie's toys under his shirt
A shot of Jeannie alone
Orlando watching Bart read
A shot of Timmy alone
What's the big deal anyway? (Tim Beauchamp)
Another shot of Tim Ryan alone
Bart Anderson is deep in his book!
A shot of Grandpa Ryan
Mary & Madeline
Tim Ryan and Madeline
Madeline and Grandpa Ryan
The World Championship Team Match in Scrabble!
Bart reading with Madeline

That's all folks!

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