Sample Web Page

Welcome to this sample Web page. The purpose of this page is to show you the basic HTML Tags in action. Use this page for reference when you are creating your own pages. This is a basic paragraph.

This paragraph will include different style features. Some of this sentence is in bold, and some is in italics. Following this paragraph there is a bulleted or UnOrdered list.

  • This is a list item
  • this is another list item
  • and so on...

  • A subsection

    This subsection contains a numbered or Ordered list.

    1. Item number one in the list
    2. Item number two in the list
    3. and so on...
    Errors per 100,000 Lines of Code
    Name Number of Errors % Serious Errors Still with SAFECO?
    Jerry Wooddbee Ghates 73 12% Yes
    Madeline Rites Kode 41 22% No
    Cynthia Noh Ehrrers 3 0% Yes


    SAFECO Logo

    Above, we have inserted an image: SAFECO's logo. Here we will provide a link to the SAFECO's Internet site.

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