Professional career spans twenty years in computer and software engineering with mainframe, mini, and PC computers. Programmed, designed and developed software, designed and administered LANs, managed and directed information systems projects and staff. See other credits at the end of resume.


Doctor of Philosophy Mathematics WAYNE STATE U., DETROIT, MI

Master of Arts Mathematics WAYNE STATE U., DETROIT, MI

Bachelor of Science Physics WAYNE STATE U., DETROIT, MI


MANAGEMENT/ C++, Visual C++, C++ Builder, C, COM/C++/VB, MTS, PowerBuilder, DEVELOPMENT: SQLWindows, SQLTalk, Delphi, Visual Basic, Object Windows Library,

FORTRAN, Ada, Pascal, Access, MFC, Rational Rose 4.0, OMT, UML

DBMS: SQL Anywhere, SQLBase, Oracle, Interbase, BDE

OS: DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows95/98 & Win/NT 4.0, Novell 3.1x, 4.1, UNIX

APPS: MS Office Pro 9X, MS Exchange/Outlook, MS Project, MS Publisher, VISIO WordPerfect Office Suite

COMPUTERS: COMPAQ Proliant 1500 Dual Processor Servers, PC Compatibles, Laptops, IBM/370, Amdahl, VAX11/78X, DEC 8600


2000 - Date Myrdin, Inc., Atlanta, GA, Consultant

Provides project management and supervision related to software development at the enterprise level. Skilled in handling and mentoring staff development and projects in Visual Basic, Visual C++, COM objects, and database interfaces. Provides direction to meet current and future technological challenges compatible with architectures and methodologies in use.

1998 - 2000 Southern Company, Information Resources/Employee Systems,

Atlanta, GA, Product Specialist

Direct the task activities of staff to support salary application used to calculate salary for over 27,000 employees. Act as main liaison to salary application's owner to execute enhancements or corrections. Manage the design and development of COM object interfaces to the salary application and track cost. Prepare project deliverables in accordance with company methodology. Mentor staff to meet performance expectations while applying the company's technology architecture - recommend and arrange training to meet future technological directions within the company. Project manager on major, critical projects.

1997 - 1998 Raytheon Systems Company, Greenville, TX, Software Engineer

Worked with Windows program that communicates with HP/A900 processor using A900 message protocols and message formats. Processor operates in a command and response mode for remote equipment control at distributed sites, communicating directives, such as equipment initializations, configuration, and operations. Reorganized existing C dynamic link library and converted it to a C++ DLL, while adding to its capability. This was a first step in an object-oriented design of C++ class definitions. Used Visual C++ and 32 bit Winsock model. The DLL is called from PowerBuilder.

1995 - Date Myrdin, Inc., Atlanta, GA, Consultant

Worked with front-end development environments including PowerBuilder, SQLWindows, and C++ Builder. Prior database design and development projects include (1) automated Foreign Military Sales inventory control system for three depots to track, regulate, and control shortages of materials, components, kits. System included generation of 22 status reports on shipping and receiving discrepancies, (2) management system to record client information and track contacts, (3) maintenance system using embedded SQL to transfer records from mainframe to a PC environment. System provided data cleanup, and tracked customer's time and tasks, and tracked employees' time card records for computing payroll, (4) automated cash flow program over 12 year life cycle to report budgets and costs of a weapon system (Improved TOW). System identifies funded material and services, lists unit prices for components, and adjusts figures for inflation and reports in current dollars.

1993 - 1995 Lear Siegler Arabia, Diplomatic Quarter, P. O. Box 87245, Riyadh 11642

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Information Systems Manager

Managed and directed computing facilities for the Directorate of Research, Analysis, and Development and a Graphics Reproduction Center. Configured client/server physical databases in Oracle and led user interface development in PowerBuilder, Oracle Forms, Access, and Visual Basic. Performed data modeling and data migration from a VAX 780/VMS RDB to an Oracle 7.1 on NetWare 3.12 LAN (IPX/SPX). Drafted information technology recommendations, problem assistance, specifications, and budget proposals to Royal Saudi Air Force generals. Specified, implemented, and administrated multi-server NetWare 3.1x and 4.1 LANs. Hands-on experience with routers, bridges, concentrators, gateways, switching hubs, fiber optic links, management modules, CD-servers, graphics scanners, printers, UPSs, tape drives, SMP file servers, UTP cabling, and wire closets. Specified and installed hardware and software on servers and workstations and interconnected LANs for eight directorates. Diagnosed and solved server and user problems in MS-Windows and NetWare environments. Set up adhoc training LANs. Trained users in all aspects of supported applications. Researched professional literature to identify new technologies and wrote articles.

1990 - 1993 Myrdin, Inc., Atlanta, GA, Consultant

Completed introductory PowerBuilder course. Engaged in C++ projects using object oriented design and analysis, and SQL based relational database projects. Designed/Wrote C++ course materials and contact manager with SQLWindows.

1986 - 1990 Georgia Tech Research Institute, Atlanta, GA, Principal Research Scientist

Wrote DoD-STD-2167A software development plans. Evaluated adequacy of Intel 80x86 UNIX/X-Windows, OS/2/PM, and MS-DOS/MS-Windows systems with various buses, video adapters, and compilers. Performed simulated EMC baseline for AC130-H and wrote EMC report.

1984 - 1986 Institute for Defense Analyses, Alexandria, VA, Staff Member

Staffed and directed 15 consultants for graphics and command language task forces. Analyzed and reported discrepancies in using the original DoD-STD-2167 and Ada, concentrating on life cycles, methodologies, design and coding standards, tailoring, and data item descriptions.


  1. National Science Foundation awards in Mathematics and Physics; Member of ACM.
  2. Server Training - Trained in Novellís System Manager and Advanced Systems Manager NetWare courses; Trained in Windows/NT Server three core courses.
  3. Trained in introduction and advanced SQLWindows courses.
  4. Trained in Oracle SQL *Plus: data definition and manipulation, data and transaction control languages.
  5. University of Maryland Mathematics and Computer Science Professor - Taught Microprocessors, Project Management, MS Windows, MS DOS, Office Automation Tools such as Word Processors, Spreadsheets, Presentation Graphics, Relational Databases.
  6. Recent hands-on courses in VC++ 6.0 and Visual Basic 6.0 that included Enterprise & COM object development.