Click here for a picture--unfortunately taken over five years ago--of our somewhat extended family.

Click here for shot of me prior to a disastrous trip into desert with my faithful camel, Abdul.

And here for a shot of my beloved Abdul . . . whom I had to leave behind . . .

. . . and for another shot of dear Abdul . . .

and, oh yes . . . who invented this *&%$# HTML anyway?

For those of you (family only) who want a trip down nostalgia lane, scroll down . . .

Isn't K-Town beautiful in the morning?

And who from among you doesn't remember a happy Saturday afternoon or evening in this building--the Vogelweh Theater? You might want to take a tour that will bring tears to the eyes of you who . . . remember. Just click anywhere, and then just mouse around to your heart's content. I did.

Joseph Ryan
15205 NE 16th Place, Apt. 47
Bellevue, Washington 98007
United States of America (after more than 15 years!)
[Now living with an old friend from Detroit]

Office telephone number: 1-(206) 545-5972

Click here for info about my new "Home away from home" (My office is located on the second floor down the main corredor -- but behind the security guards at the front door.)

And one of the first things I learned after joining SAFECO (an acronym) is that the company managed to have its name put onto our new baseball stadium--not to be called Mariners Park, but . . . (click here)

My "Former" School

And a shot of Dubai during its famous month long shopping festival in March . . .

Oh yes, the municipality there does indeed waste electricity big time several times during the year. The entire city looks like an over-electrified Christmas tree at least twice each year. It's pretty, but . . .

And BTW, the "Creek" (as it's called) in the picture runs into the Persian Gulf very close to where my former apartment building is located.

Who among you even knows what building this is? Hint: Its initials are "DES"!

And another link to Grosse Point Park's home site (so to speak)

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