Located near downtown Seattle, the SAFECO Tower where I now work and teach provides incredible views of the beautiful Puget Sound region. On a clear day, it offers a breathtaking panorama of the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges and an unparalleled view of Mount Rainier.

Founded in 1923 as the General Insurance Company of America, SAFECO is said to have always operated according to a simple motto: "No one will ever lose one dollar by reason of the company failing to pay an honest loss." Today, SAFECO is a major national property and casualty insurer, with substantial life and health insurance operations as well as real estate investment, commercial credit and asset management companies that provide a broad range of financial services.

The SAFECO family of companies includes property and casualty companies, life and health companies, real estate companies, a credit company, and asset management companies. Financial experts consider it one of the best- managed companies in the country. It has consistently been awarded the highest ratings from the leading independent insurance authorities.

But most important for me is that it is a "family" of wonderful people with whom to work and associate. Needless to say, I like it!