Lesson 12: Creatig a box with Visitable web sites

This Script produces a pull down box that contain various visitable web sites. this is done through creating function, Combolinks1, which has two parameters form and targ. This function will handle the guiding to the designated location of the specified site.
The Source code looks as follows:
[head] [script language="JavaScript"]
[function comboLinks1(form,targ)]
[{url=document.combine1.combo.options[document.combine1.combo.selectedIndex].value] if (targ=="Self") location.href=url; else {parent.location.href=url;}}[/script]
[/head] [body background="cold.gif"> [form name="combine1"]

[select name="combo" size="1"] [option value="http://emirates.net.ae"]Emirates Internet Home Page[/option] [option value="http://members.tripod.com/~oldmanjoe"]Our Teacher's Web Page [/form] [/body]