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Other Pictures taken by My Son While in Brazil

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SAFECO Employee's Son Helps to Save the Flora and Fauna of the World
picture of Cat Why is it so easy for tree frogs to go aimlessly from limb to limb without a care in the world? My son took the photo above (on the right) while traveling from Ecuador to Argentina two years ago. I think tree frogs are funny little animals, don't you? Have you ever contemplated about what the world would be like if there were no tree frogs? I do. It would be lonely without tree frogs. Besides, the ecological balance would be drastically changed if there were no tree frogs to eat the various insects that crawl about in South America. One of my daughters insists that I should never ever eat a tree frog unless I am very, very hungry. She is a Vegan and makes the most interesting pumpkin pies.
A kitty who was rescued from the streets at the height of the Iraqi Scud attacks during the Gulf War while a current SAFECO employee was otherwise making himself useful in Riyadh
It's hard to tell what goes through a cat's mind when its owner is trying to have it put to sleep. Do you think cats ever wake up in the middle of the euthenasia process and cry? Do their mommies and daddies take turns getting up with them to tickle them back to sleep? How do you tickle a cat with sharp claws, anyway? I love my five kitties so very much. And what about the fauna in Brazil? One of my sons goes to South America each spring. His mother and I worry about him for the entire two months that he is gone. I wonder if he goes through any trauma at all as he wanders about the Andes taking pictures and making photo montages like the one above (on the left) and playimg his trumpet for the locals.