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Peace on Earth -- and in Washington, DC too!!

A Few of you seem to think that this page has too many . . .

But then, others of you like the sweet critters, right? (Just use the "Sound-off" button or my Guest Book, both below, to voice your opinion(s) on my kitties!)

Well . . . I'm now in Seattle (actually an eastside suburb called Bellevue). . . having moved from Dubai where it's 100 in the shade and you seldom see a cloud to Seattle, Washington where I've already seen a cloud or two. It might take a while for me to find suitable "Seattle-like" graphics for my "personal" page, so bear with me.

And oh by the way, if you would like to change from Christmas music to something more . . . uhh . . . invigorating, while at the same time playing a game that even Old Man Joe can keep up with, click here.

Jeannie -- also, for family members only ... a very special treat from Jeannie! (Speakers on!!)

David -- But Jeannie hasn't all the talent in the family. (Leave speakers on!!)

Nadia -- and one more -- a special request from your Aunt Nancy! (Leave speakers on!!)

Grandchildren's Album -- and oh yes, I started a little album of our Grandchildren. Contributions requestd!

And yes, I am still learning the tricks to using more exotic HTML code as well as JavaScript and (when in trouble) the shortcuts afforded me by Tripod's "Custom Page Builder." Also, I am stealing ideas by peeking at the HTML, DHTML, ASP, VBScript and JavaScript source code on several of your web pages--and others'. Thanks. Sometimes, it's easier for me to learn by copying the slick code that various people smarter than me--including you kids (a euphamism)--have already written. Anyway, I am poking along and, when not writing mundane C++ code or trying to learn PowerBuilder--both at home to improve/maintain my skills, such as they are in those areas--I find myself writing syllabi and preparing curricula for some client-server technologies and such that I will hopefully be teaching later this year. The courses I teach in 1999 will likely be Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming (possibly using Visual Basic or Visual C++), Introductory and Intermediate Visual Basic and a course or two in SQL. Further, I will very likely be relearning such oldies-but-goodies as JCL, TSO and IMS/COBOL on the new job where the mainframe applications are still quite important and consume the energies of more than half of Safeco's programmers.

But, in the middle of the night, you will usually find me in my dining room adding or modifying a thing or two, such as the photos or links, to/on my website or just surfing the web. One way or the other, continue to check out the jokes on Dee Dee's link among the links I have included. Some of them are great.

And continue to have patience with me. I really am learning. And for some of you, yes, I am also growing up! (About time, eh?)

Love . . . Dad / Joe / Uncle Joe / Whatever

PS: The Christmas Tree is officially a "Year Round Holiday Tree." As you all know, my kitties love swatting the ornaments off the lower branches. I normally don't think about taking down my real tree until November, and then it seems silly with Christmas only a month away. And the same goes for the picture of "Mary and her Babe" at the very bottom of this page. It's simply too beautiful to erase and replace. Don't you agree? Thus, it's been upgraded to a 365 day per year reminder of what it is that really makes the world go round.


Seattle . . . ready or not . . . you've got me!!!!!

Seattle -- And here are more shots of Seattle for those of you who are possibly thinking about visiting us.


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Mary and her Babe -- A Christmas Picture for the Entire Year . . .