Where it's Still Christmas All Year Long!!

But a little softer on your eyes and ears than before, right?

The exact date/time when this screen was "painted" just for you is shown in table below:

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Wanna see a big "huh???" related to 9-11
Many, Many Improbabilities, Anomalies and Questions Stemming from this Horrific Event

Or would you rather see what a couple of crazy MUFON Field Investigator's are up to in recent months ... Bill Puckett is the Senior Investigator and I generally hold the umbrella over his magnetometer and do the driving ... click on the UFO pictured below ...

Uhhh . . . one other small thing that I should mention . . . .

Something New: A Complete Course in HTML Style Sheets in Five LInked Pages. The HTML (View Source Option) is All You'll Need. Enjoy!

And for those of you that have been griping that my front page isn't in German (Ingmar, Johnny, Joe, et. al.) or in Spanish (Rachel, David, José, et. al.) . . . I have something new for you!
And oh yes, a special "Irish" button as a tribute to the newest colleen in the family, Aislyn Ryan -- born while the dew was still wet on the shamrocks from Saint Paddy's Day!!
But for pictures of her, either go directly to John's page under "Links" (below), or the "Early 1999" pictures under the "Photos" button below--or to the bottom of the "Irish Language" (and dancing leprechauns, pigs, beanie babies and presidents) page by clicking on the right-most button below.

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If you yearn for my REAL homepage, click here.
Then go to the fridge and crack open a beer while the page is loading!

And yes, Mary & the Babe are still there!
(As well as all of those other silly goodies--such things as HTML/Javascript lessons, beautiful pictures of Seattle, cute kitties that wag their tails and lots of good music)

The Great Alpha Delta Phi -- Hudson Chapter Reunion of August 1999!

The above Alpha Delta Phi link is really more of a "guy" thing than something for the ladies among you. Thus, this link is provided as a refuge for you ladies. Enjoy!

A Flashback . . . all twelve of the kids when last together -- in December 1993!

Another of the entire (almost) familiy -- this one of the Ryan and Mrazik families together on 6 October 2002 at Johnny's place in Phoenix, Arizona

Here's the Identification Picture for Pickup at the Airport -- 1999



A Number of Excellent Examples Showing HTML and JavaScript in Action

Should you be looking for a special prayer or Scripture that reflects where you are or what you need right now, remember that Yahweh loves you -- so much so that he allowed His beloved Son Jesus to die for you -- and each and every one of us, His most precious creations!

A Link to Many Powerful Christian Links for Bible Study
To Listen to the Bible Where You Can Choose the Chapter and Verse -- And It's Read Aloud to You Beautifully!!
A Very Useful Place to Start for General Bible Study!

The Special Grandchildren Photo Album

To "sound off" about this page . . . or the entire website--or just to vote early in the next presidential race . . .

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. . . And here is a button entirely dedicated to those of you who are willing to allow yourselves the luxury of recognizing that both special relativity and the non-existence of an ether in "space" require not only an unwarranted leap in faith mathematically, but fly in the face of philosophical consistency. Henry Lindner is a good friend and a medical doctor in Riyadh with a lovely family and a smile as broad as his ideas. Oh yes, don't ignore the links at the top of his page; they lead to worlds of wonder, new ideas and provoking thought. You'll never know unless you use that left mouse button, will you?

But if you simply want a place to let your mind play games with itself, and against all mathematical and astronomical evidence to the contrary, this is for you!

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